Make the Right Decisions at the Right Time,
Bring Luck onto Your Side!
Auspicious Days
Get to know the right time for conducting auspicious events and other ceremonies like naming ceremony, construction, wedding, surgery, etc.
Horoscope Generation & Analysis
Obtain your complete vedic horoscope and also an in-depth horoscope analysis just from your date, time and place of birth.
Horoscope Matching
Want a happy married life?... Matchmaking analysis can predict what's right just for you.
Marriage Predictions
Find suitable time for wedding, identify Doshas and their Pariharas.
Higher studies on your mind? We can be your guide to make sure you get the best education.
Business & Career
Wish to expand your business or explore a new career path? Find out if you are taking the right decisions
Business & Corporate Astrology
Suitable time for business planning, decision making cum executions for business and corporate entities.
Property, Finance and Investments
Are you suffering from monetary losses? Wish to know if your investments would be successful? Find the solutions here.
Vaastu Shastra
Assessment and remedy of ground/plot and constructions for vaastu compliance
Progeny & Childbirth
Know about Santana bhagyam and dosha nivrutti.
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 About The Astrologer
Srikanth S. Iyer, B.E., MBA, based at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, provides quality astrological consulting services in English, Hindi as well as Tamil. After nearly three decades of stint in the  corporate world and donning various roles in Project, Operations and Quality Management in both manufacturing and service sectors, he turned towards exploring the psychic and spiritual side of the human existence. After obtaining his certification as master practitioner in psychotherapy, he further graduated in Vedic Astrology with the rank of "Jyotish Shiromani". With his vast expertise and experience, he has guided numerous clients to make right decisions in their personal as well as professional lives. His ever growing interests in the mind and spiritual matters propels him to continuously learn and update himself with relevant knowledge, enabling him to deliver the best service and solutions to his clients.
This section contains links to different reference materials for exploring Vedic Astrology.
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